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what is CITIZN?

CITIZN is a free social network for voters that generates the most predictive dataset related to individual democratic constituencies.

 CITIZN provides paying customers access to political data that is orders of magnitude more predictive than the combined outputs of political advertising, management consulting, lobbying, consultants, pollsters, and public affairs.


Make the voice of people measurably heard

To improve democracy where it exists.

To defend democracy where it is challenged.

By generating better political data, CITIZN enhances democratic resiliency.


We aim to protect and enhance global democracies from the threats of foreign influence, domestic extremist behaviour, misinformation and disinformation.

By measuring the voice of everyone everyday on every issue before legilatures we integrate the people into the democratic process.  This creates a moderating factor in each society against which politicians can improve their actions and so that people can judged their politicians performance.

The Australian House of Representatives at the Australian Parliament_edited.jpg

Why are we doing this?


Democracy starts to falter for the first time in 300 years

Social media becomes the dominant information system in politics for people and politicians.  The game becomes how to manipulate people using this new technology.

2016 Elections

CITIZN Founders Murray, Chris, and Greg discover the relationship between social media and the collapse of democracy

Most human interactions are now mediated by a handful of algorithms that have the unintended consequence of modoifying the beliefs and behaviours of regular citizens.  This causes an increase in violent behaviour and destabilizing forces.  Foregign governments get in on the act and affect many elections around the world including BREXIT, US, and Canadian elections as examples.

Assembly Hall


Autono In The Press

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