Globally Minded Communications Executive Nic Ruszkowski Joins CITIZN Advisory Board

Toronto, June 16, 2020 ​– CITIZN, the world’s first Societal Network, designed to be THE PLACE for democracy, announced today that Nic Ruszkowski, a leading Canadian voice in international communications, marketing and public diplomacy - options he was forced to explore after a failed career in camp counselling - has joined the CITIZN Brains Trust (Advisory Board). Nic recently led the business, marketing, sales and community engagement operations of the quintessential Canadian cultural product, an NHL franchise, as COO of The Ottawa Senators.He served as chief executive of Publicis Consultants, France’s largest digital marketing,communications and public affairs agency, and Senior Vice President, Senior Partner of Fleishman Hillard in Ottawa and Montreal.“We can’t re-imagine the organization of democracy, governance or personal political data without embracing the best advocates for democratic development and public engagement,”said Murray Simser, founder and CEO, CITIZN Inc. “Nic is ideally suited to help identify and mobilize those willing and able to meet us at the intersection of investment and partnership in our effort to reinvent citizenship. Welcome aboard Nic.”In addition to serving the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) as both an executive and a consultant, Nic has led high-stakes initiatives on behalf of private and public sector clients in Canada, the United States, Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, equipping him with a global perspective on issues of public engagement and public interest.He is based in Ottawa, where he currently serves a federal crown corporation as a senior public, legal and corporate affairs executive.

About CITIZN -- Founded in 2019, with its HQ in Toronto, CITIZN, Inc. is the world’s first Societal Network. It was imagined by Silicon Valley and Seattle tech industry veteran Murray Simser, and political expert turned Ivy League lawyer Chris Wolfenberg. CITIZN’s unique AI-driven platform enables people of all walks of life to meaningfully and measurably contribute to their country’s political conversation, regardless of their level of knowledge. CITIZN has recruited an experienced team of well-known entrepreneurs, media executives, politicians, technology industry veterans, and data scientists to develop an intelligent platform that will be delivered to users on Android and iOS. The CITIZN Alpha product will be available in Q2 2020 for testing in Canada and shortly thereafter in the United States. Coming to a democracy near you! Please visit ​​ to sign-up for the Canadian alpha test. For more information, contact or visit and follow the following hashtags on FB,LinkedIn, or Instagram: #societalism #societalnetworks

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