US Tech Entrepreneur and Microsoft’s First GM & Employee #6,Steve Wood Joins CITIZN Advisory Board

Toronto, May 5, 2020 ​– CITIZN, Inc., the world’s first Societal Network, designed to level the political playing field by changing the role of people from consumers of political information tothat of owners of ALL political information, announced today that distinguished tech entrepreneur Steve Wood has joined the CITIZN Brains Trust (Advisory Board). Steve was Microsoft employee number six and served as the company’s first general manager.He was a member of the executive founding team of several Paul Allen companies including Asymetrix, Starwave, and Interval Research. Additionally, he was vice president of the information broadcasting division at McCaw Cellular (acquired by AT&T Wireless). Steve then founded many successful startups including Wireless Services (Singlepoint) a wireless messaging technology company and Perlego a mobile data protection company.“Steve helped pioneer the personal computer and mobile industries that today we take for granted,” stated Murray Simser, founder and CEO, CITIZN, Inc. “His governance experience at high growth companies and institutions is a major strategic asset to CITIZN, since trust is paramount. He is also just an awesome guy who's humility belies his well deserved gravitas.Welcome aboard Steve!”“There is tremendous polarization among citizens of democracies around the world. The proliferation of fake news, one-sided information, bots, and misinformation contributes to that divide,” said Steve Wood, President, Airnote, LLC. “Murray and his team have the right solution at the right time to create a forum for reasoned civil discourse."Wood holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He was previously Chairman and a Director of the Washington Technology Industry Association. Wood is a member of the STEM Advisory Board for the University of Washington. He’s also a longtime volunteer firefighter and EMT with Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue and Eastside Fire & Rescue.

About CITIZN -- Founded in 2019, with its HQ in Toronto, CITIZN, Inc. is the world’s first Societal Network. It was imagined by Silicon Valley and Seattle tech industry veteran Murray Simser, and political expert turned Ivy League lawyer Chris Wolfenberg. CITIZN’s unique AI-driven platform enables people of all walks of life to meaningfully and measurably contribute to their country’s political conversation, regardless of their level of knowledge. CITIZN has recruited an experienced team of well-known entrepreneurs, media executives, politicians, technology industry veterans, and data scientists to develop an intelligent platform that will be delivered to users on Android and iOS. The CITIZN Alpha product will be available in Q2 2020 for testing in Canada and shortly thereafter in the United States. Coming to a democracy near you! Please visit ​​ to sign-up for the Canadian alpha test. For more information, contact or visit and follow the following hashtags on FB,LinkedIn, or Instagram: #societalism #societalnetworks

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