What is CITIZN

CITIZN is The World's First Societal Network that puts the INDIVIDUAL at the center of Democracy. Capitalism and Societal Stewardship... Where we all are meant to be.

The Individual is CITIZN.

We are unlike any other Social Media App that has ever been invented. Users finally direct wealth to causes of their choosing, forever changing the landscape. Finally... YOU are rewarded for your opinion and contribution. YOU decide how it will be directed and YOU will change society through your effort.

How Does CITIZN Work?

Something had to be done. We all needed a better way to be involved beyond simply voting. For the FIRST time, you will gather your fellow CITIZNs, direct politicians to your priorities through our app in real time, using hundreds of thousands of your friends and neighbours to finally reclaim the voice that democracy promised us. Knowledge is POWER and CITIZN will introduce real time information of whatyour elected officials do, how they vote and what they say.

How Do CITIZN Individuals Create Wealth For Society?

CITIZN will create massive revenue to share with society creating an economic biosphere of inclusion, privacy, wealth creation and responsible change. Each region will vote on and direct funds to initiatives to improve our families, how we live and where we live from Moose Jaw to Manhattan or Mumbai. Our platform is global ...unbiased...

"For the first time ever, Decmocracy, Capitalism and Societal Impact work together to create Fundamental change"

Murray Simser, CEO, Founder CITIZN.

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